The TIGER Initiative
Technology Informatics Guiding Educational Reform
The TIGER Collaborative Teams - Phase II Activities


Since 2007, hundreds of volunteers have joined the TIGER Initiative to continue the action steps defined at the Summit.  The TIGER Initiative is focused on using informatics tools, principles, theories and practices to enable nurses to make healthcare safer, more effective, efficient, patient-centered, timely and equitable.  This goal can only be achieved if such technologies are integrated transparently into nursing practice and education.  In order to meet the demands of an increasingly electronic and rapidly changing healthcare environment, it is essential to address the educational needs of the nursing workforce. 

Collaborative teams were formed to accelerate the action plan within nine key topic areas.  All teams worked on identifying best practices from both education and practice related to their topic, so that this knowledge can be shared with others interested in enhancing the use of information technology capabilities for nurses. Each collaborative team researched their subject with the perspective of “What does every practicing need to know about this topic?”  The teams identified resources, references, gaps, and areas that need further development, and provide recommendations for the industry to accelerate the adoption of IT for nursing.  The TIGER Initiative builds upon and recognizes the work of organizations, programs, research, and related initiatives in the academic, practice, and government working together towards a common goal.


This report, titled “Collaborating to Integrate Evidence and Informatics into Nursing Practice and Education”, provides the a summary of the  recommendations from the 9 TIGER  Collaborative Teams.  Please click image to download a copy of the Collaborative Summary report.

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