The TIGER Initiative
Technology Informatics Guiding Educational Reform
Informatics Competencies Collaborative Team

Following a review of the literature and survey of nursing informatics education, research, and practice groups, the TIGER Nursing Informatics Competencies Model consists of three parts, detailed in the TICC Collaborative final report and summarized in this document:

(1)    Basic Computer Competencies

(2)    Information Literacy

(3)    Information Management (including use of an electronic health record)

The TIGER Informatics Competencies Collaborative Team report is available.  Please click the link on the report picture to the left to download the report.

Nurses are expected to provide safe, competent, and compassionate care in an increasingly technical and digital environment.  Yet technology has changed the role of the nurse and significantly altered the interactions between the nurse and patient and the nurse and healthcare provider.  Nurses that do not have the basic skills to communicate within an electronic health record or other electronic medium will be significantly disadvantaged as we work to achieve 100% electronic health record adoption by 2014. 

The TIGER Informatics Competencies Collaborative (TICC) was formed to establish the minimum set of informatics competencies for all practicing nurses and graduating nursing students.  The work of this team was foundational to all TIGER work related to preparing the nursing workforce for EHRs, and preceded the work of the TIGER Education and Faculty Development, Staff Development, Leadership Development, and Virtual Demonstration Center Collaborative teams. 

You can access material at the TIGER Informatics Competencies wiki at
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