The TIGER Initiative
Technology Informatics Guiding Educational Reform
Staff Development Collaborative Team

The TIGER Staff Development Wiki can be accessed at
The TIGER Staff Development Collaborative Team report will be available soon.

Nurses need the knowledge, skills and resources to communicate and manage information effectively and efficiently in today’s electronic environment.  Studies are showing that technology correctly used by healthcare professionals can help improve patient safety.  The user of the technology must first have an understanding and comfort with that technology.  If technology is not used properly, it can have a negative effect on patient safety.  Education targeting the practicing nurse is often the responsibility of the healthcare provider organization, and their educational resources in staff development.  These resources can have a significant role in the adoption of new technology and improving patient safety.

The TIGER Staff Development Collaborative focused on three goals:

§  Identify educational resources and affordable programs within the practice setting that foster IT innovation and adoption.

§  Create competency-based, cost effective staff development and continuing education programs and training strategies specific for informatics knowledge, skills, and ability.

§  Improve and expand existing nursing/clinical/health informatics education programs by collaborating with industry, service, and academic partners to support and enhance the use of technology and informatics in practice.

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